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Ellipse Pro

Ellipse Pro




The Ellipse Pro is our BEST selling Myofascial Releaser tool. 
  • QUALITY: Easy to clean, polished medical grade stainless steel, not plated like some competitors. The 3 finger holes will help you to grip the tool properly and save your fingers from strain. You will look and feel professional with your high quality equipment!
  • PRECISION ENGINEERING: You will feel the perfect weight, balance and edge angles when using the patented Ellipse tools. The double beveled edges give you the ideal surface to release myofascia.
  • FEEL THE FEEDBACK: You will feel the fascia breaking up thanks to our CNC manufacturing process. Beware of competitors who use a cheaper steel casting process or use other materials that don’t give you the precise feedback needed.
  • VERSATILE: You won’t need any other tools because this one does it all! Multiple sized beveled edges on the convex and concave curves gives you the versatility only found by using multiple tools from other brands. 6 different treatment edges in one!
  • EXTRAS: Use the Accu-Sphere ball tip to perform trigger point therapy. Your purchase includes our exclusive anatomy guidebook, fragrance free emollient and a hard protective case.
  • Specifically designed for IAFM (Instrument-Assisted Fascial Mobilization) and IASTM
  • Includes Hardshell protective case and anatomy guidebook
  • Includes emollient balm specifically formulated from natural ingredients for IAFM
  • Over 250 5-Star reviews on Amazon
  • Free shipping within the United States and $44.95 for international shipping
  • The Ellipse Pro is 6.5oz in weight and 20.5cm in length
  • Patented Product