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Best All Purpose Tool! Great Alternative to Graston tools. As a Physical Therapist I put this tool to work everyday. I have used Graston and prefer this tool. It is larger and I have more control with it. The ball on the tip is great for scar work and releases around vertebrae and small tendons. Each edge on this tool is useful. I can't recommend it enough. Now the clinic I work at is looking into purchasing them for other staff to use.  - Amy Fiske (Ellipse Pro)

Great Addition to My Arsenal! I'm a student learning to become a Massage Therapist and also a Trail Runner, I average about 50 miles a week and love this tool for its versatility in keeping me going and on the move. I can go over large sections such as calves, quads & hamstrings, yet be focused enough to get into my Achilles or pinpoint and work on adhesion's. I use my hands a lot so its nice to give them a break and use this tool instead, also the vibrations and feedback from working over areas is pretty cool, I feel like it helps to get a better visual of the superficial fascia to locate area's in need of more attention. Great tool and design, I'm really impressed with the quality and would recommend. - Gabe (Ellipse Pro)

I Really Like the All-in-one Design! I'm very impressed with this tool. As an Athletic Training student, I have used several different variations of "scraping" tools from buffalo horn Gua Sha to Graston style. This tool provides me with a feeling of quality. The weight allows for very effective use on larger muscles. I also really like the all-in-one design. This limits the need to carry (and lose) several tools at once. Last of all, this tool can be placed in an autoclave if necessary. I like to know that I can provide quality treatment and this tool allows for it. - Aaron H. (Ergo)

This is One of the Most Amazing Tools I Ever Got. I have tried all sorts of different tools, used different methods, spent a lot of money at chiropractors, physical therapy and many more. The shape is perfect. I have been experiencing a lot of pains and aches and this tool treats all the problem areas.
I use it also on my husband' s muscle aches and he claims that it works wonders. We absolutely love it. It's effortless to use and work through all the soft tissue. I love the result I am getting and everybody in our family is asking to use it. The material that it's made of makes a difference as well. I have tried different tools and did not get the same results. - Brigitte Lerch (The Original)

Great Product for Physical Therapists! I'm a physical therapist and I have the tribar as well as the ellipse plus tool (multi-tool) and they both work incredibly. They not only break up the fascia quickly, but the tools give the therapist good feedback from the tool as well. Will definitely be purchasing more ellipse tools for my practice! - Shay Osborne (Tribar and Ellipse Plus)

This Little IASTM Instrument is Great. It serves the purpose of multiple Graston(GT) instruments in one - no need to constantly be switching instruments during treatment sessions. But that's not even the best part - IT IS A FRACTION OF THE COST OF GRASTON INSTRUMENTS. I took the GT M1 module to learn the basics of IASTM, which was great, but very expensive. I was considering taking M2 which would require buying more GT instruments. I don't do very much IASTM in my practice, to begin with, so I'm glad I went with the Myofascial Release instead, plus, with the significant $$$ savings, I can invest in different CE options to add to my repertoire. If I had to give advice to a young practitioner/student who is considering adding GT or another form of IASTM in practice, I would buy this, and then go to the Rock Blades seminar - you'd be learning essentially the same material, and saving a lot of money. - Kris Headlee (Ellipse Pro)

Independent Product Review by MassageNerd