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Is Myofascial Releaser Right For You?

Do you believe in natural healing?

Are you fiercely independent? Or do you wait for permission from others?

Are you courageous in your care-giving for your patients? Or do you only follow the most conservative and basic treatment paths?

Do you believe that self care and self therapy are vital components of healing?

At Myofascial Releaser:

  • We believe, when cared for properly, the human body is amazing in it's ability to heal naturally.
  • We are fiercely independent and believe that we do not need permission to do what is right for our own health.
  • We believe that the best doctors and therapists are courageous and unapologetic in their quest to properly care for their patients.
  • We believe that self care and self therapy are the foundation to living healthy lives. Our doctors and therapists are our guides and support network in that life long journey.

Physical Therapists / Chiropractors / Massage Therapists

You are an expert in your field. You have spent years learning your craft. You've spent thousands of dollars to acquire this knowledge and experience.

YOU are a soft tissue manipulation expert...

You don't need to spend several hundred of additional dollars on classes to learn IASTM techniques, like Graston, HawkGrips or RockBlades.

You simply need great tools that allow you to utilize your expertise. You need high quality, professional tools that get the job done and don't break the bank.

If you still need some guidance or reference, we've got you covered with our exclusive anatomy guidebook and numerous tutorial videos.

Implement a new treatment modality today for less than $160 !!!

Click here to see our most popular tool, the Ellipse Pro.


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Self-Therapists and Self-Care Enthusiasts

"What if I'm not a therapist, can I use these tools?"

Yes. You can absolutely learn how to safely treat yourself. Our exclusive anatomy guidebook explains how to perform our IAFM technique and walks you through each body part showing you where to treat and where to avoid. Like any self therapy, you need to listen to your body’s feedback...aka...pain. IAFM treatment does not need to be overly painful. Short, consistent treatments will provide similar results to more intensive, infrequent treatments from clinicians/therapists. Note: We always recommend consulting your doctor (PT/Chiro) first to diagnose your specific issues. Utilize your health team.




Myofascial Releaser Tools: Precise, Versatile, Affordable

Our goal is to give you highest quality, physical therapy products possible. The Myofascial Releaser tools were specifically designed for IAFM (Instrument Assisted Fascial Mobilization) and IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization) with both the clinician and the self-care enthusiast in mind.

These tools will exceed your expectations in their ability to effectively perform IAFM, IASTM, Gua Sha, Graston, FMT and Myofascial Release techniques:

Check out this video to learn about our IAFM technique (Instrument Assisted Fascial Mobilization).

What makes Myofascial Releaser products stand out?

1) THE MOST VERSATILE IASTM TOOLS: You don’t need to spend big bucks on overpriced tools. The Myofascial Releaser tools are not only more affordable, but they are more versatile so you don’t need to buy as many. Multiple sized beveled edges on the convex and concave curves gives you the versatility only found by using multiple tools from other brands, like Graston or HawkGrips. Our primary hand tools each have 6 different treatment edges in one design!

2) Comfort: Save your fingers from pain and slippage! You can choose different grip options on the Myofascial Releaser tools; The Ellipse Pro, the Ellipse Plus and the Ergo are all great options for clinicians to treat patients throughout the day. The Original is often preferred for home or personal use because of the unique design that allows for multiple grips and holds on various muscle groups. Each tool is designed to keep your fingers from slipping when using oils and lotions during treatment.

3) Properly Angled Edges: This is the key to the whole thing. Too rounded…not effective. Too sharp…too painful. We’ve spent years of research and development time to get this dialed into perfection. Don't assume all stainless steel IASTM tools can match our edges and get the same results. For over 3 years, Myofascial Releaser has continually tested and updated their designs and manufacturing processes to strive for the Perfect Edge. New competitors are popping up every week, but they are not investing the time and money into their products. 

Don’t waste any more time or money, get your new favorite tool from Myofascial Releaser today!

 Myofascial Releaser Ellipse Pro with guidebook


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