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Myofascial Releaser

Women's Weight Lifting Hooks

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  • Improve Performance: Increase your weightlifting performance by improving your grip strength. Weight lifting hooks take the stress off your hands and allows you to lift more weight comfortably.
  • Designed for Women: Lighter hooks and smaller wrist straps for women's builds. The padded strap is still fully adjustable to fit all wrist sizes
  • Rubber Coated Hooks: Eliminate pinched fingers and slipping on the weight bar with the coated hooks. Keep your grip in the same position from the first rep to the last.
  • Save Your Hands: No more calluses and cut up hands. The well shaped hooks fit around standard weight bars, dumbbells, and machine attachments, like lat pulldowns.
  • Level Up Your Workouts: Look good, feel good, lift more! Deadlift more, pull up more, shrug more, pull down more, do more, and get more out of your workouts. 

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