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Myofascial Releaser

TrueMyo Facial Beauty Trifecta Kit

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Perfect Gift for Women!!

TrueMyo Facial Beauty Trifecta - Your Gua Sha facial tools kit has everything you need for healthy, glowing skin. We’ve included a facial dry brush, a micro facial gua sha tool and a facial roller. The ultimate trio of beauty tools for a fresh and fabulous face! We partnered with Myofascial Releaser, an industry leader in professional physical therapy products, to bring you the highest quality stainless steel beauty tools. We're bridging the gap between practiced physical therapy modalities and proven therapeutic beauty with our gua sha face tool. 

High Quality Stainless Steel – Our Gua Sha facial sculpting tool and face roller are made of 100% medical grade stainless steel which does not allow the harboring of bacteria. Other face gua sha stone or gua sha jade tools can harbor bacteria and dead skin cells in the microscopic cracks and blemishes inherent to the natural stone. Stainless steel also provides a natural cooling effect and is sturdier than stone rollers providing a great addition to your beauty routine for years to come. 

Only The Best Materials For You - Our facial dry brush is made from beech wood with 100% natural goat hair bristles. Goat hair bristles are soft yet sturdy, allowing for gentle exfoliation for all skin types. The handle is ergonomically designed to allow ease of brushing the contours of the face and neck. It's the perfect combination with gua sha techniques. 

Finest Facial Roller – Regular rolling stimulates lymphatic drainage, improves circulation and increases the oxygen supply to the face. These toning effects reduce puffiness, aid in closing pores, and firm up facial muscles and skin. Reducing inflammation will help with the appearance of dark circles, plump wrinkles by boosting collagen production, and may even help with breakouts along the jawline.  

Highest Quality Gua Sha – Facial gua sha can be practiced improving a wide range of skin problems including fine lines, puffiness, wrinkles, and sagging skin. The real Gua Sha tool is designed with different curves and edges the fit the contours of your face. The additional accu-sphere ball tip may be used to perform acupressure on the face. 

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