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Myofascial Releaser

Mens BFR Leg Bands

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  • Your order comes with a set of Hemocuff BFR cuffs, a full eight week BFR program, and a video course so you know how to use the bands (just scan the QR code on the package for access)
  • These comfortable, breathable cuffs are made from the same materials used in wearable tech applications (far superior to cheap fabric straps typically used in BFR products).
  • Adjustable sizing fits legs from 17” up to 29” in circumference (measure at the top of the quadricep, right below your pelvis)
  • Pressure gauge with markings helps you quickly and easily keep the pressure consistent on both of your legs
  • Each cuff keeps 360 degree pressure on your legs even as your muscles move and expand during each rep.

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