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Myofascial Releaser

Large Emollient Balm - For IASTM and Massage (195g tin)

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  • Soothe and Relax with Soothing Touch - Formulated for a superior, smooth glide massage experience, this emollient balm melts upon skin contact allowing for gentle myofascial release targeting muscle relief while moisturizing your skin. Massage Lotion is ideal for massage therapy assisting instrument techniques.
  • Nurture Skin with Natural Massage Oil - Specially formulated as a massage oil for massage therapy, this emollient balm contains skin-nourishing natural oils like olive, jojoba and mineral oils. The muscle soothing features beeswax to ensure no animal byproducts, allowing for a gentle glide massage targeting muscle rub and overall relief.
  • Clean and Non-Greasy Emollient Cream - Specially designed as an emollient cream for chiropractor tools, this massage gel wipes cleanly off instruments and skin. The non-sticky formula allows for a mess-free myofascial release massage, leaving no greasy residue behind.
  • Luxurious Glide with Natural Oils - Formulated with Olive Fruit Oil, Mineral Oil and Essential Seed Oils, this emollient works excellently with myofascial release methods as a soft tissue technique glide. The natural oils loosen muscles while providing a luxurious feel for mess-free massage.
  • Gentle Formula Avoids Irritation - Our unscented massage balm avoids synthetic fragrances and perfumes. The gentle, hypoallergenic formula contains only skin-nourishing natural oils and butters like Olive, Jojoba, and Shea, allowing the balm to be worked into skin without risk of irritation or sensitivity reactions.

Myofascial Releaser Emollient Balm
Our professional massage cream is specially formulated for massage therapists and designed for instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) techniques like Graston or myofascial release. This emollient balm glides smoothly over skin, allowing massage tools to freely maneuver tight muscles and knotted fascia while delivering soothing effects of essential oils. 

Soothe Tight, Overworked Muscles 
Our natural cream makes the perfect massage medium for effective therapy sessions targeting sore, strained tissues. The non-greasy texture won’t leave excess residue while the skin-conditioning oils penetrate deep to relax muscles. Therapists love how easily stainless steel IASTM tools move across skin, allowing precise yet gentle pressure right where clients need it most.

Overall Soothing Effects
The concentrated botanicals in our balm provide immediate soothing effects. Customers rave this is the best massage lotion to aid because it combines targeted physical therapy with the natural healing powers of essential oils, and other herbs specifically chosen for overall muscle health. The result is quicker restoration of muscle function plus prolonged pain alleviation between sessions.

Highest Quality Ingredients
We use only skin-friendly, vegan oils like olive, jojoba and almond which deliver vitamins and nutrition while preventing dryness. Our proprietary beeswax formula guarantees the perfect viscous glide during massage therapy without being too thick or greasy. And unlike cheap creams, our massage lotion skips potentially irritating dyes, fragrances and preservatives that serve no therapeutic purpose.

Additional Features:
Enhances efficacy of IASTM techniques like Graston
Allows easy glide of massage therapy tools
Temporarily relieves muscle & joint discomfort
Penetrates fascia layers to relax strained tissues 
Restores flexibility and range of motion
Vegan, cruelty-free formula

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