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Myofascial Releaser

Instrument-Assisted Fascial Mobilization (IAFM) eBook

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Introduction to IAFM, Instrument-Assisted Fascial Mobilization, using Myofascial Releaser Tools

 Who would most benefit from learning the IAFM technique?

  1. Athletes or anyone who wants to maintain healthy mobility, range of motion, and posture with IAFM, but doesn’t know the relevant anatomy of where to treat and where to avoid. Those trying to improve their biomechanical reserve.

  2. Athletes predisposed or susceptible to chronic injuries who wish to keep their pain at bay or non-symptomatic.

    1. Example: A runner who has had IT band syndrome in the past, and wants to keep the knee pain in remission.

    2. Example: A Crossfit athlete that has had low back pain several times in the past and wants to keep the pain in remission.

    3. Example: A swimmer that has reoccurring shoulder pain and limited range of motion after strenuous workouts or races.


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